I’m Annika, a storyteller in love with content, caffeine, and culture.

Long story short: I craft narratives that resonate and build experiences that matter.

With a multidisciplinary background in cognitive science and psychology, I use human-centered design to inform my content creation process, allowing me to speak the language of researchers, developers, and designers alike. I have experience in content design, copywriting, social media, creative writing, journalism, and marketing.

I’m currently a Content Designer at Spotify on the Fan Monetization team and a freelance Staff Writer for Beauty News NYC.


Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

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long story long

Writing has always been my first love. As a little girl, I filled notebooks with fables and scribbled stories on any surface I could get my hands on. I’ve filled my Notes app with bad poetry, honed my skills with Instagram captions, and wrote for newspapers in high school and college. My journalism streak continues today as a freelance Staff Writer for Beauty News NYC, a digital lifestyle magazine.

I became interested in design and UX when I started working at Don Norman’s Design Lab. I’ve married design and writing to create a career in content design, and I was previously a Content Designer at Intuit, working on the TurboTax Live team. Now, I’m helping artists unlock new revenue streams and deepen the creator-fan connection as a Content Designer at Spotify.

I graduated summa cum laude from UC San Diego with a B.S. in Cognitive Science (Design & Interaction) and a minor in Literature/Writing. As a Manila-born, SF-raised, and NYC-transplanted Filipino-Spanish-American, my work is always heavily influenced by my multicultural and immigrant upbringing. My simple joys include skincare that doesn’t break you out, baking, Korean dramas, a good thrift find, and building trip itineraries on Notion.

       (ann-ick-uh oh-leave-ess)

   (ann-ick-uh oh-leave-ess)

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